Dr. Martha’s passion for essential oils began when she moved to New Zealand and began using Essential Oils.  Her love slowly evolved into a business that she  thoroughly enjoys sharing with her family, friends, patients and community. Dr Martha has an extensive team, Innate Oils, within spanning ten countries (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Sweden, etc) and she is constantly looking to expand to others sharing the healing power of essential oils with the world.  Dr. Martha travels quite often educating, helping her team to develop their respective businesses, and to educate the world!

It’s inevitable once you fall for essential oils…you fall hard, it’s like falling asleep, it starts off slow and then happens really fast!

-Dr. Martha Nessler

If you are looking to join the team, Innate Oils,  as a user or as a business then email Dr. Martha directly at info@drmarthanessler.com.

Dr Martha Nessler is a powerful and passionate international speaker and chiropractor whose soul purpose is to ignite a spark within individuals allowing them to see their greatness in all aspects of life! As a Success Strategist she uses her forward thinking approach, cutting edge strategies, and authentic energy to show you the necessary tools to have a life of “health, happiness, and healing”.